Welcome to Villa Kyah

Simply put, Villa Kyah is astoundingly beautiful. This mesmerizing three bedroom beauty is perfectly located in the center of Seminyak. Eat Street with all its restaurants offering mouthwatering dishes are just a walk away and minutes away from the beach. You can shop to your heart’s content in all the high end boutiques and don’t hesitate to check out the bars and cafes as you enjoy a beautiful holiday in Bali.



Walking into the Villa Kyah, guests are immediately enthralled by its gorgeous exterior. The beautiful gardens showcase a wide array of vibrant colors in their blooms, and the dazzling white colors of the buildings provides a beautiful contrast with the deep blue of the pool and green of the gardens. Simply perfect! On the lawn beside the pool are beautifully curved pool chairs and same can be found on the wooden deck on one end of the pool, poolside relaxation just got better.



Please note that there is construction in the neighbourhood. The working hours is haphazard with intermittent noise disturbance.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience however building regulations in Bali do not require neighboring projects to consult with their neighbors so we do only learn about these matters as they arise.

Thank you for your understanding.